Our story

Have you ever struggled to find exactly the product you wanted? Too much of this, not enough of that? It happened to me in 2019 when I was preparing my Pyrénées thruhike via the Haute Randonnée Pyrénéenne.  I wanted something light, comfortable, essentially a mix between a minimaliste backpack and a running vest pack.

This led me to design and sew my very first hiking backpack. It was not perfect, but durable and functional enough to cover the HRP‘s 700km/440miles 40 000m/130 000feet of cumulative elevation gain of the in less than 15 days.

Following this experience, the desire to perfect my idea and to contribute to the ultralight hiking community came to me. After several months of sewing, drawing, prototyping, serious critical thinking, I eventually found the ideal balance between a hiking backpack and a trail running pack : the Hybride was born.

Naturally the need to offer the Hybride in 20L, 30L and 40L was something obvious to me because we all have different needs depending on the activities we practice outdoors. In addition to choosing between these three sizes, you also have the possibility to customize your own Hybride in order to have the perfect pack for you and your hiking style.

Finally, if you still can’t find what you want, you can contact us at contact@atelierlonguedistance.fr so we can chat about your additional needs.

Testing the Hybride 40

The workshop is also

+ 10 000 KM

of hiking


year of prototyping

+ 1 000 000

backpack possibilities