For a neat Hybride, ALD developed a range of storage accessories.

A dry bag :

    • Rolltop with side release buckle 10mm + 2 KAM snaps
    • Flat bottom bag
    • Width/Thicknessr/Height opepend  :
      • 26*14*50cm for Hybride 20
      • 28*17*53cm for Hybride 30
      • 28*19*56cm for Hybride 40
    • Use : keep you quilt dry and all your thermal clothes, etc..
    • Dyneema 33g/m2 (1oz/y2)
    • Taped seams and not sewed
    • 30/33/35g
    • Color : depending on arrival

Also, if you want custom dimensions you can send us a email.

Here is the  SAKASEK, your best friend for warm and dry nights.

The Sakasek answers to the major problem when hiking, backpacking and thruhiking : how keeping my warm clothes, my down, and my electronics dry with a ultralight solution ?

Made with ultralight Dyneema 33g/m2 the Sakasek is durable, way more than un trash bag. Even if a plastic liner is the lightest solution it has the disavantage to not be reliable and can hole up anytime. So, for a long trip it’s not a bad idea to add very few grammes but add durability and keep you dry bag for the next trips.

With a maximum of  +/- 18L closed for the Hybride30, the Sakasek is designed for optimized gear.

The Sakasek waterproof (but don’t use it as a submerged drybag) thanks to special construction without stitches. The pieces of fabric are assembled with adhesive.

Like others drybag the Sakasek has a rolltop closure with two KAM snaps.

With its flat bottom construction the Sakasek perfectly fits your Hybride.



To perfectly fit your Hybride


Add-ons total: