For a tidy Hybride, ALD developed a range of storage accessories.

The foodbag :

    • Flat bottom bag
    • TX50 82g/m2
    • Large :
      • Width/Thickness/Height : 28*18*40cm (20L)
      • Width/Thickness/Height closed :28*18*27cm (13,5L)
      • +/- 5 days
      • 54g
      • Best for Hybrides 30 and 40, and Hybrides All Around.
    • Medium :
      • Width/Thickness/Height : 26*14*37cm (13,5L)
      • Width/Thickness/Height closed : 26*14*24cm (9L)
      • +/- 3 days
      • 44g
      • Best for Hybrides 20 and 25
    • Rooltop closure with 10mm side release buckle + 1 KAM snap
    • Hanging webbing loop
    • Taped seams
    • White
    • Handwash with soap.

Here is the SAKABOUF, partner of your hiker hunger.

The Sakabouf is the answer to a common hiker and thruhikers’ problem: how to keep my food safe from water and creatures in a very resistant but also very light container?

Made from 82g/m2 TX50, the Sakabouf is very resistant. Don’t worry, your freeze-dried food won’t cut it (but keep in mind that is ultra light gear). It is still ultra light as it is 54g for a capacity of 13.5L or 44g for 9L.

12L is what you need to store 4 or 5 days of well optimized food, enough to cover a wide range of trails and situations. If you plan to do shorter trips you can go with the medium size, 9L, good for 2 or 3 days.

Add to that the fact that the Sakabouf is waterproof (not certified for submersion) which means that your food will stay dry and crisp, safe from curious onlookers who won’t be able to smell the inside of the bag.

Thanks to a strap loop located on the closure system you can also hang your food bag.

With its flat bottom construction, the Sakabouf will fit perfectly in your Hybride.



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