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Product advantages


    ± 540gr
    13,5 g/L

    Minimum weight without

    compromising durability



    Fabrics built to last :

    abrasion, tear and water resistant


    Sternum strap, removable hip belt, modular volume, etc..


Frameless pack
Bretelles gilet de course de 10mm avec :
-2 sternum strap
-2 water bottle pockets
-2 pockets for bars, phone, etc
XPAC VX21 for the back panel
XPAC VX21 or Gridstop for the body
Removable 25 mm hipbelt
Main external compartment with lycra
Two Dyneema stretch mesh pockets
Lineloc and cord for the bottom
From 44cm to 54cm back size
From 35L to 39L closed + pockets
Rolltop closure + 2 KAM snap
Single top compression strap
Two side compression with elastic cord
Bungee cord on the main external compartment
Dimensions : 28*20*77cm
Capacity : 11kg max
Weight : +/- 540g



    • 205 g/m2
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Waterproof, dry fast
    • For the back and more if desired
  • Gristop
    • 165g/m2
    • Very abrasion resistant
    • Water resistant
    • For the pack body panel if desired
  • Lycra mesh
    • 170 g/m²
    • Very stretchy
    • Breathable
    • For vest pockets and main external compartment
  • Dyneema Stretch Mesh
    • 315 g/m2
    • Used on side pocket
    • Stretchy
  • 10mm Vest strap
    • Two layers of 3mm 3DMesh
    • One layer of 4mm EVA foam


  • 2 sangles pectorales 10mm, réglables en hauteur
  • Ceinture ventrale amovible de 25mm grâce à des SLIK CLIP
  • Boucle attache piolet + élastique de maintien
  • Compression de chaque coté par des élastiques en 3mm + tendeurs
  • Elastique amovible de 2mm en zigzag sur filet principal
  • Sangle de compression sommitale et anse de portage en 15 mm
  • Back lenght : from 43 to 54cm
  • Back width : 28 cm
  • Thickness : 20 cm
  • Unrolled lenght : 81 cm
  • Volume closed : from 35 to 39L
  • Backpacking light
  • Thruhiking


  • Rolltop closure with two KAM snap
  • As with waterproof bags, three turns are required for better protection.
NOTE: Even though the fabrics used are waterproof and there are few seams the Hybrid40 is NOT waterproof. Be sure to always protect anything that is sensitive to moisture (quilt, clothing, electronics) in a drybag/ziploc.


“I have a light kit and I like to practice different styles of hiking”.

From the desire to go all day with a lightweight pack for long distances, the Hybrid 40 was born. Halfway between a minimalist hiking pack and a running vest, it will be equally the best option in all situations. Full, after resupply, the Hybride40 offers a 25mm hipbelt and a custom back lenght to help shift weight to the hips when shoulders are not enough. For a light weekend in autonomy leave the belt at home and enjoy your hips free to move. Need to go fast in town before the supermarkets close? On a peak to enjoy the sunrise? Because you like to run downhill? The Hybride40, inspired by the ultra vests, offers you great comfort thanks to its wide, breathable 3D mesh straps coupled with a 4mm thick Evazote foam. If your Hybride40 still moves too much, don’t hesitate to use the hipbelt to increase the support. Finally, for optimal carrying comfort and adaptability to all body types, two height-adjustable chest straps connect and maintain the two shoulder straps.

Comfort, versatility, support: these are the strong values that we remember when we wear the Hybride40.

“I like to have everything at hand and walk without putting my bag down”.

The Hybride40 has been designed to have to put it down as little as possible.

On the front, thanks to the vest straps, you have direct access to two expandable pockets for 500/600ml water bottles, as well as two expandable pockets for your small gear/food. If these pockets are full and you’re worried about losing a bar along the way, snaps are there to secure everything. On the back: two pockets on the sides of the body of the bag. You are free to put water bottles, your umbrella, your poles or a map.

The essential equipment for walking, drinking and eating is always available and easily accessible.

“And everything I don’t use all day? ”

In the single, large interior compartment. Think of it as a large tube whose volume you can choose by rolling up or down the rolltop closure system. This is facilitated by two KAM snaps and a side release buckle. To make sure that it moves as little as possible from bottom to top, a top strap allows you to compress the whole thing. Too big an item is to fit in the pack? Two ropes with lineloc under the pack are provided for this purpose. For equipment that is only used once or twice a day, a large expandable net on the back of the bag allows you to store everything you want and even a little more. Finally, anything that needs to dry out when you walk will find its place on the various external elastic cords.

“Empty bags move around too much”

Every problem has its solution. The Hybrid40 is equipped with a side compression system in addition to the rolltop closure. If you have empty bag syndrome (congratulations!) the last and least expensive solution the Hybride40 offers is to compress your quilt/sleeping bag less.


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