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    ± 410gr
    Ultralight without compromize
    the durability.


    Abrasion/tear/water resistant fabric


    Smart adjustment

    Sternum strap daisy chain, adjustable volume, etc..


Frameless pack

10mm running vest style strap 10mm with :

  • 2 adjustable sternum strap
  • 2 water bottle pockets
  • 2 pockets for bars, phone, snacks…

210D HDPE Gridstop fabric for the body

XPAC VX21 fabric for the back

Huge lycra mesh external pocket

Lycra mesh bottom pocket

One back size : 44 cm

Rolltop closure

Single top compression strap

28 L closed + pockets

Dimensions unrolled : 28*17*74 cm

Capacity : 9kg max

Base weight needed : Up to 4-5kg

Weight : +/- 410g with Gridstop



  • 210D HDPE Gridstop fabric
    • 163 g/m2
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Used for the body (for the lightest version)
  • XPAC VX21 BLACK fabric
    • 205 g/m2
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Waterproof, dry fast
    • Used for the back panel
  • Lycra fabric
    • 170 g/m²
    • Stretchable two time its size
    • Breathable
    • Used for every pockets
  • 10 mm vest strap
    • Two layer of 3mm breathable 3D Mesh
    • One layer of 4mm cell foam Evazote
  • Sternum straps
    • 2, adjustable thanks to daisy chains


  • Back length: 44 cm
  • Back width : 28 cm
  • Thickness : 17 cm
  • Length unrolled : 74 cm
  • Internal closed volume : 27 litres


  • Ultralight hiking
  • Fast packing


  • Rolltop closure with KAM snap and 10mm side release buckle
  • Like drybag, for better water protection, three turns are needed when you close the pack.
NOTE : Even fabric are waterresistant and the Hybride30 has few seam, it is NOT waterproof. Keep your down and electronic in proper drydag or use a packliner.


« I have a low base weight but the running vest are too small and the hiking backpack bounce too much when I’m running »

The Hybride30 is born from the desire to move all day long with a ultralight backpack. In between a minimal hiking pack and un running vest, the Hybride30 will be comfortable in any situation : a fast packing weekend trip or an ultralight thruhiking where the comfort should not be ignored. 

Inspired from ultrarunning vest, the Hybride30 offers a high degree of comfort thanks to its wide and breathable 3D mesh shoulder straps. By its shape, with weight near the body to avoid bounces, the Hybride30 will disappear. Finally, for an optimal comfort and versatility, the two sternum straps are adjustable along a daisy chain.

Comfort, versatility, stability : here are the strong values that we retain when we wear the Hybride30.

« I like to have everything easy to reach without take off my pack »

It designed to not have to take it off from the sunrise to the sunset.

On the front, thanks to the shoulder straps/running vest, you have an easy and direct access to two stretchy pockets for water bottles and two stretchy pockets for bars, phone and miscellaneous. If this two pockets are full you can use the snaps to secure you items.

On the back, a bottom pocket for extra snack, rain jacket, drying gear and a big side to side external pocket for a maximum volume still reachable.

Orientation, food, water and rain gear are always at your disposal, easy to access.

« And all the gear I don’t use all day long, where can I put it? »

In the single main compartment. It’s like a big dry bag you can roll to adjust the volume and keep you gear dry thanks to the rolltop closure. This is eased by two snaps and locked with a side release buckle. To be sure that nothing bounce a top compression strap helps you.