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Discover all the possible options to compose your own Atelier Longue Distance pack!

Product advantages


    ± 360g
    Ultra light weight
    but a durable bag.


    Abrasion, tear and water resistant fabrics


    Chest strap, volume management, side compressions.

    Running OR walking OR both.


Frameless backpack

6mm running vest straps with :

  • 2 adjustable sternum straps
  • 2 bottle pockets
  • 2 pockets for snacks, phone, etc.

Two external lycra mesh pockets

Lycra bottom pocket

Torso length  43 cm (one size fits most)

Rolltop closure with one KAM snap

V style compression strap

20L volume closed + pockets

Compression in 2 points

Dimensions unfolded: 26*14*69 cm

Carrying capacity : 8kg maximum

Weight : +/- 363g in Gridstop


“I have an ultra-light and compact equipment, but I have a problem: the running bags are too small, the hiking bags move too much when I run ”

The Hybride20 was born out of the desire to go fast or all day without stopping while carrying a very light bag. Halfway between a minimalist hiking bag and a running vest, it will be just as comfortable on a quick weekend hike where you may feel like trotting as on a several weeks thruhike, for the most minimalists, where the comfort of carrying must not be neglected.

Indeed, inspired by nature running vests, the Hybride 20 offers you a great comfort thanks to its wide and breathable 3DMesh straps. With its support, with a weight close to the body, to avoid unpleasant tossing and turning (which all bags with classic straps have), the H20 will be forgotten. Finally, for optimal carrying comfort and adaptability to all morphologies, two height-adjustable chest straps connect and maintain the two shoulder straps.

Comfort, versatility, support: these are the strong values that we remember when we wear the Hybrid 20.

“I like to have everything at hand and move forward without putting my bag down”.

The Hybrid 20 has been designed so that you don’t have to put it down between sunrise and sunset.

On the front, thanks to the vest, you have direct access to two expandable pockets for 500/600ml water bottles, as well as two expandable pockets for your small gear/food. If these pockets are full and you are worried about losing a bar along the way, KAM snaps are there to secure everything.

On the back, there are two other possibilities while walking. One, a stretchy lycra mesh pocket on the bottom of the bag, accessible through the back with your eyes closed, allows you to store wet gear to dry, all your food for the day, your waterproof jacket, or any other item you deem fit to be in. The other option on the back of the H20 is its two exterior pockets. A single piece of fabric from one side of the bag to the other, split in two by a 10mm daisy chain, for a space that is always accessible and maintained. The last minute unexpected things that you don’t know where to put finally have their place with this large expandable net. It is also possible to slip in water bottles or water pouches if the path you are taking requires you to carry more than the liter you have in the front.

Orientation, food, water and rain gear are always available, easily accessible.

“And everything I don’t use during the day, where do I put it?

In the unique and large interior compartment. Think of it as a large tube whose volume you can choose by rolling up or down the roll-up closure system. This one is facilitated by a snap and locked by a quick buckle. To make sure that everything moves as little as possible from bottom to top, a V-shaped strap at the top allows you to compress the whole thing or even to add an item that is too large on top.

“Empty bags move too much

Every problem has a solution. The Hybrid20 is equipped with a side compression system in addition to the roll-up closure. If you have empty bag syndrome (congratulations!) the last solution the Hybrid20 offers is to compress your sleeping bag less.



  •  210D Gridstop fabric
    • 160 g/m2
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Water resistant
    • Used for the whole pack in the lightest version
  • Lycra fabric
    • 170 g/m²
    • Expandable to twice its size without losing its shape
    • Breathable
    • Used for every pockets
  • 6mm vest straps
    • Two layers of 3mm breathable 3DMesh
  • Sternum straps
    • 2 sets of hooks, adjustable in height


  • Torso length : 43 cm
  • Back width : 26 cm
  • Thickness : 14 cm
  • Length unrolled : 69 cm
  • Volume closed : 20 liters


  • Ultra light hiking
  • Fast packing


  • Rolltop closure with one KAM snap and one side release buckle.
  • As with waterproof bags, three rounds are required for better protection

NOTE: Although the fabrics used are water resistant and there are few seams, the Hybrid20 is NOT waterproof. Always protect anything that is sensitive to moisture (down, clothing, electronics) in a suitable bag or use a liner.